Vehicle Fleet Financing

Unlock Your Fleet Potential with Capital Directors Solutions

Why Choose Capital Directors?

At Capital Directors, we’re more than lenders; we’re your strategic partners in fleet financing. Here’s why we stand out:

1. **Customized Financing Solutions**: No two fleets are alike. Whether you’re managing a delivery fleet, construction vehicles, or corporate cars, we tailor our financing options to your specific needs.

2. **Flexible Plans**:

   – **Traditional Retail Financing**: Secure financing for commercial-use vehicles with flexible terms.

   – **An open-end lease that lets you define residual values and manage cash flow.

   – **A closed-end lease with fixed terms for fleet refreshment.

3. **Specialty Vehicle Financing**: Need modifications or up-fits? We’ve got you covered. Whether it’s adding cranes, lifts, or towing equipment, Capital Directors provides financing for essential vehicle enhancements.

4. **Commercial Line of Credit**: Build your fleet strategically. Our pre-approved line of credit ensures you have the funds when you need them, without fees.

5. **Business Name Financing**: Protect your personal credit. Choose from third-party guaranty or business-name-only financing.

Ready To Drive Success

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