Cayman Islands Trusts

Trust Administration with Capital Directors

At Capital Directors, we specialize in pure trust administration services. Our expertise extends to managing trust assets globally, including Cayman Island Trusts. Here’s why we’re the company to trust:

1. Experience and Expertise:

   – Founded in 1964, Capital Directors has a proven track record in trust administration.

   – We work with families, advisors, and clients across almost all U.S. states and over 50 countries.

2. Global Reach:

   – Our team administers trusts holding various non-financial assets worldwide.

   – Whether it’s real estate, art, or other valuable assets, we handle it all.

3. South Dakota Advantage:

   – We leverage South Dakota’s top-rated trust, tax, privacy, and asset protection laws.

   – Clients benefit from favorable regulations and efficient trust structures.

4. Flexible Approach:

   – We work with whomever the client wishes regarding investments, insurance, and custody of trust assets.

   – Our tailored solutions meet individual needs.

5. Trustee Services:

   – With trust assets totaling USD $140 billion, we manage trusts effectively.

   – Our team ensures compliance, security, and optimal performance.