Capital Directors’ Family Trust Expertise is a reliable, and caring way to protect and grow your family assets for your beneficiaries. Strategic thought and planning for numerous generations is often the goal of many Family Trust Creators/Settlors. Throughout the United States and abroad, we protect the assets of residential and commercial real estate owners,  as well as any and all valuables, cash accounts, stocks and bonds, rents, leases, and all incoming revenues and all expenses. Every action, structured and executed for the benefit of your estate, and beneficiaries. We also expertly manage properties that include single family homes, apartments, multi-plexes, condominiums and townhomes, office buildings, shopping centers, and malls.

Families trust Capital Directors Trust Division because:

  • We are Fiduciaries that act with integrity and honesty at all times. Faithful to Your wishes, acting solely in the interest of the Beneficiaries we serve, and no one else.
  • We have transparent and cost effective fee structure.
  • Beneficiaries are treated with the utmost care and fairness..
  • We retain assets, and receive assets.
  • We sell and/or exchange property..
  • We invest and reinvest trust assets.
  • We lease, manage, repair, improve, subdivide, and develop real estate.
  • We staff Attorneys, Accountants, and other exceptionally qualified professionals.
  • We borrow funds on behalf of the Trust (with or without security).
  • We allocate items of income and expense between the income and principal accounts.
  • We satisfy and settle claims.
  • We negotiate, prosecute, and defend claims.
  • We pay taxes, assessments, and other administration expenses.
  • We make distributions to beneficiaries as instructed by the Trust Document.
  • We continue any business ventures with proven competent managers.
  • We vote stocks and other securities in person or by proxy.
  • We Insure assets against damage, loss, or liability.
  • 24/7 Availability to all Trust Creators/Settlors and their Beneficiaries.