Tax Audit Defense for Small Business

Small business audits happen. Our tax pros are ready to act on your behalf and defend your interests. Get peace of mind for your small business.

Audits Can Be Serious

Looking for tax audit help? Be prepared in case you receive an IRS notice. Our experts will ensure all the income tax audit paperwork is in order and work with the IRS auditor on your behalf. 

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We Do All the Work

We’ll develop an action plan, create a communication strategy, and prepare all necessary financial accounting documents for tax audits.

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Certified Tax Pros

Our EAs and CPAs are legally allowed to work with the IRS on your behalf, unlike other accountants.

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Protect Your Rights

We act on your behalf to ensure your taxpayer rights are protected and you receive a fair hearing during tax audits.

State-Level Expertise

Your IRS audit defense comprises certified public accountants and tax professionals with expertise in your specific state tax and industry, ensuring you emerge successfully from your small business audit. webp to jpg 1 1

Why Choose Us

Fee-Only, Experienced Advisors Committed to Your Goals.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Small
Business Taxes:

Underreported income is one of the most common reasons a small business would get audited. While determining whether to audit you, the IRS cross references your industry and locality to know what the typical deductions for a similar-sized business would take and how much.

While it may seem like S corporations pay more in taxes, they usually pay less than sole proprietorships or partnerships with similar income levels because they are more profitable.

You will receive notice of the IRS’s intent to audit you in the mail. The audit will happen either by mail or an in-person interview to review your records. The interview may be conducted at an IRS office or your home, place of business, or your accountant’s office.

There are four types of audits the IRS might conduct as they look into your small business finances. The four types of audits include Correspondence, Office, Field, and the Taxpayer Compliance Measurement Program. Whichever type of audit you receive, you’ll want the professionals at 1-800Accountant in your corner.

There are numerous benefits to utilizing a robust audit defense. It gives you peace of mind and the ability to fight the IRS on even ground. 1-800Accountant’s Audit Defense service ensures all of your income tax audit materials are in order and ready for IRS scrutiny.